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Canada rescues Rahaf, Bharat compells its own Rahafs to commit suicide

canada pm


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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

PM and CMs listen compromising modesty of women becomes an immoral fashion!

The huge and the most populous continent called Asia
perched are here two countries Bharat and Saudi Arabia
primitive and barbaric atrocities on women continue here unabated
nevertheless, the two countries proudly dub them pro-justice and feel elated.
Two recent instances one from each
just more than enough are going to preach
how do innocent women suffer the two instances sufficiently teach
message of universal womanhood must everywhere reach.
Caged birds are women ruthlessly in Saudi Arabia
just like cage birds with wings clipped and legs tied up be it Europe or Asia
freedom of whom is brutally encaged and instinctly gifted breaths are all savagely jailed
though Rahaf Mohammed just eighteen has successfully broken the golden bars of her cage
liberal Canada rescued her offering asylum facilitating her the infinite stage.
Bharat the most ancient country now organizing world’s biggest and three months long divinely religious ritual
a poor labourer’s twenty eight years old wife killed herself for elusive-justice casting severe dent on its image
she was raped nearly five months ago corrupt police rather created hurdles without repent
labyrinthine course of justice, corruption ridden police usually denying dignity to common women
neither prime minister nor concerned chief minister mourn them even one percent
spiritual-spirit of my great country perhaps sharply declines and descent.
Ram-Krishna province (Uttar pradesh) witnessed this shocking case
caged are thus the poor women in my country having fragile policing and unreliable judicial base
there is no dearth of such shamful incidents seems a bibulous race
Canada saved Rahaf who will save millions Rahaf of my country with excessively religious face
here in my country pro-women slogans rain and enormously re-surface
women’s dignity and their alround well-being must be UNO’s universal key- agenda at steady pace.
Hail Bharat          -Hail Canada            -Hail women’s dignity round the world

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