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Chowkidar’s diagnosis of Jihadi-cancer in Kashmir in full swing

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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

Anti Jihad Drive Picks Up Momentum

Mr. chowkidar number one
please listen
each and every leader of Kashmir
who happens to be muslim
irrespective of party and place
happens to be a committed Jihadi
they are passionate about their sweet-dream so called Ajadi
they are poor puppets of Jihadistan
they carry dreaded communicable virus of Jihad.
Bharat Mata waited them for too long
but these Jihadi children of Mata
keep hurting ‘Mata’ round the clock
they never dare to utter a single word
against their ‘Khalifa’ Jihadistan, otherwise
even in their dreams
if they do it, at all
next moment they must be gunned down
this is what the true Jihad is all about.
Mr. chowkidar the most vigilant one
you are most likely to repeat
you are going to retain your chowkidari
future generations must not be left vulnerable
it is you, just you, only you
who can ensure Bharat Mata’s safety
by crushing Jihad to dust
please, chowkidar ji it is a must.
Jihadi leaders of the valley
abuse Bharat Mata every now and then
they keep Jinnah’s heart
you yourself gave them a chance to improve
but they even cheated you
these traitors must be shown their right place
which is in fact the jail
for their spree of sins
they must not get bail
they are “cultivating” jihad
they are proliferating jihad
they must be ruined
at the same time Chowkidar ji
since you have a “sound team”
uproot “left-oriented” Maowadi-Naxalism
from the soil of the country
O Bharat Mata’s vigilant Santary.

Hail Bharat                 Jail Kashmiri Jihadis

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