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Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand’s shocking shootings a grim reminder!

Jacinda Ardern

chief editor nwn

B. of Journalism
M.A, English & Hindi
सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

New Zealand witnessed non-muslim Jihad

Bravo! you have done
on the ground you have done
America led determined and the most worthy forces
no doubt, you have done
peaceful world must praisefully compliment you
but, underground it remains ever-energetic
hearts of fundamental Muslims all over the world know
they have to flourish to keep Jihad alive
there is vast invisible ocean of Jihad to dive
fragmented world re-charges it again and again
providing it the golden chance for hard-bargain.
Perhaps, you reasonably presume
last, Islamic state, village in Syria falls
the ever-cherished caliphate crumbles
Americans led forces have displayed high courage and valour
beyond imagination is their perseverance
but, alas! why don’t you understand
your sacrifices must be of heroic proportions
Jihad is a barbaric feeling in itself
never willing to listen to other religions
Bharat (India) and Israel are classic examples
which carry deep wounds in their hearts
Jihad is a radical-concept inevitable to most of Muslins
they cunningly confuse the world community
they know well that ‘Wahabism and Salafism’ have strong immunity.
They are eager to beheadings
they are zealots to rapings
they are ever ready to enforce women into sex-slavery
they usually resort to kidnappings for ransom
more than three dozens countries undergo the trauma
the sole motto is to re-installing caliphatism
where world would be following Islami dictates
savage “code of conduct” where muslim clerics will dominate
Africa, Asia, Europe and even America
unfortunately, experience it, but not ready to denounce
don’t adhere to Islamo-phobia some countries announce
 such countries must see how upon the earth Jihadism bounce.
Jihad bears various names
defensive Jihad
offensive Jihad
corrective Jihad
anti liberalism Jihad
anti Christian Jihad
anti Hindu Jihad
pro monotheistic Jihad
anti jews Jihad
so on and so forth……..
similarly, their banners are varied
ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Qaeda
and Hamas and so on——
but, how shrewdly some Islamic countries say
avoid Islamo-phobia, it is a myth
stop! rogue countries “universal jihad” is a truth.
Don’t dare to say
that American led forces are fighting ghosts
Bharat (India) is fighting the evil-spirits invisible
Israel is fighting, shadows and shadows, all over
All these forces have gone mad
they are fighting innocent and peace loving Muslims
it is just that what you people want to say
don’t try to keep the stark truth at bay.
Jacinda Arden the enthusiastic PM of New Zealand
you are a social democrat and a progressive
we share your sorrow over the Mosque tragedy
your “sad-words” carry universal appeal
but other parts of the world are profusely bleeding
Jihad is doing barbarism for long, its acts are exceeding
various states’forces are fighting day and night
monster of Jihad raises its ugly head left and right
sober people of the world expect duly from you
sharp criticism of Jihad the biggest threat to the world peace
Turkey’s president Erdogan must come out of the prison
where he is a captive of yester-years caliphatism
yet, you pretend to be un-aware of “universal jihad”
habitually, its innate rage will destroy every progressive wave
The Right-Honourable Jacinda Ardern you raised the issue of China
where Uyghur Muslim minority is being brutalised
China keeps them in concentration camps
reminds us of Nazi-Germany’s Jewish-treatement
but what about Islamic State and like minded Jihadis
please come out of pre-judice and condemn
as you represent the world’s socialist youth
mosque attacker was a non-muslim Jihadi and brute.

Hail Bharat                       Hail America led forces

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