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Majesty Of Law Versus Majesty Of Office And Majesty Of A Patriot

deepak mishra

O grand old party of Bharat
thanks for leading historic impeachment motion
against the chief justice of Bharat
as by doing so
O grand old party responsible for partition of Bharat in 1947
you have self attested the fact before the whole world
that you happens to be one of the most corrupt parties in the world
thanks to the band of 64 members of parliament
dishonouring the most judicious and justice loving
chief justice of Bharat so far.
My truthful country men
high time has come that all of us
must put our heads together
and be ready to teach a befitting lesson
to those who intend to partition the very soul of Bharat Mata
chief justice of Bharat at present is a judge of holy integrity and high moral values.

                                                                                           Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                            Chief Editor

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