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swati maliwal delhi

Dcw Chief Swati Maliwal At Rajghat

swati maliwal delhi

Oh! my sister swati maliwal
you have put your own life at stake
atrocities against women and children are in spate
rapemania accelerates in leap and bound without a brake
but dear sister shockingly our political class remains un-concerned negligent at best.
You understood trauma and agony womanhood surrounds
nobody seems coming ahead to break the frozen grounds
my sister our country needs to protect the dignity of women at the topmost priority
otherswise there is no use of any degree of progress and development around
even a single rape must create an earthquake
fool-proof pan-India management for safety of womanwood must be in place for God’s sake.
But our throat is choking
heart is stroking for you now
your determination is high
health is at its low
certainly for inactive male mindsets you are a fatal blow.

                                                                Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                   Chief Editor




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