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uttarakhan sarkar

Hail Chief Minister Of Uttarakhand

uttarakhan sarkar

My chief minister has done a wonderful job 

he has just okayed his kindful and extremely liberal liquor policy

taking the toxic popular bottled liquid door to door 

enchanted are the liquor addict and money thirsty 

delighted are the liquor-monger and lusty 

thanks mr. chief minister for your dream project 

needless to waste anytime you just act 

it is moral and practical beginning of Ram rajya in fact 

province jewelled with for world famous shrines

will have an added religous charm and aroma of diversified wines 

Nitish kumar the chief minister of Bihar 

happens to be an impractical man devoid of worldy-wisdom

he needs to learn from you how to explore new horizons

economically sound and morally bound Bharat’s new pharos 

perfect facelift of grocers is your master stroke 

save daughters educate daughters is your ultimate goal

your these twin hearty objects are poles apart 

rather contrasting and conflicting at the start

but you go ahead and be sure oh! smart 

school children will keep one more bottle with their usual water bottle

perhaps they will keep only one bottle onwards 

celebrating dawn of real 21st century at your behest 

your pioneering measure will have far-reaching impact 

alike american children carriying guns in their school bags

hail CM of uttarakhand the great 

now ravan rajya is all set to overshadow the dream of ram rajya we chant.

                                                                                     Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                          Chief Editor



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