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rape syndrome

We Are Suffering from Split personality Disorder

rape syndrome

Our personality stands distorted is now a proven fact
We have murderd the soul of justice for females
by fragmenting the chastity and dignity of females
showcasing ourselves in many minds
catagorizing rapes and classifying them
thereby diluting the force of law miserably
we bitterly fail to understand just a simple fact
even a rape by a husband on his wife
amounts to a barbaric crime larger than a murder itself
rape victim female undergoes tremendous trauma
be she a minor or adult mind it.
In a great country like Bharat
rape can not be classified
raper must be sent to gallows
irrespective of his age
and the age of the female victim
forget about juvenile and adult
and please save the country by saving the prestige of females.

                                                               Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                               Chief Editor (NWN)

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