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Medieval-Miracle Guru Govind Singh

guru govind singh

Medieval centuries are fortunate enough
to witness the rise of a miraculous personality
who was the greatest warrior of his times by muscles
the greatest visionary by his wisdom
the greatest sage by his large holy heart.
The personality who re-handicrafted universal brotherhood
tried hard to dismantle atrocious caste fabric
appealing all forces to join hands to fight out Muslim Jihad
uniting depressed to raise a fierce-warrior class
to defend mother Bharat against any external onslaugt
at all not intending to borne a new sect like today
but his large heartedness and revolutionary social engineering
now stands narrowed down to a distinct caste
quite distant from the liberal Hindu mainstream
which the greatest personality had never imagined.
The tallest among the ten great Gurus
the most far-sighted and reservoir of patience
who even loved his arch-rivals like Aurangzeb
Who had beheaded his saint father Guru Teg Bahadur Singh Ji.

                                                             Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                             Chief Editor

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