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Historical Ram temple issue is above all sorts of barriers

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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

Lord Ram was known to more than half of Asia

Ramallah is today a vibrant socio-economic centre with flourishing cultural activities of the region in focus. This town is the hub of political dynamics under Palestinian National Authority. It is 10 km north of Jerusalem at an average elevation of 880 meters above sea level. Being administrative capital it remains in the spotlight specifically in the context of historic tussle with Israel for territorial longstanding issues. One can witness here fusion of orthodox Greeks, Roman catholics, Muslims of Arab origin and Christians of different orders. Ramallah underwent suzerainty of ottoman era, Jordanian era, Israeli era and the British era resulting into a pro-active laboratory of religious and cultural fusion and eventually today it represents the volatile barometer of Palestinian-Israel head-on conflict for the claim on Jerusalam. In fact, this region owing to this dispute remains one of the most sensitive zones of the turmoiled world.
Apart from this grave issue, let’s focus on the origin of the word Ramallah. Scholars hold the view that Ramallah is composed of two words; Ram meaning height and Allah is the Arabic word for God. It simply conveys to us that the height of God or otherwise the God at height. Perhaps no other meaning could have been extracted out of the word Ramallah. But at the moment i can suggest that it would had been meant Ram is Allah or Allah is Ram or Ram is not Allah at all. Whatsoever the contemporary followers of Islam presumed but it is a harsh truth that they did not mean to upgrading the word Ram rather they intended to downsize and degrade the word Ram. In all these possibilities it is quite sure that when Ramallah was coming into existence in the form of a small village; Lord Ram was quite popular in the entire region and people knew that Lord Ram was a personality who had equalled himself to god itself through his great deeds. This contention of myself can not be brushed aside altogether. Lord Ram was popular across the whole Asia right from today’s Saudi-Arabia to the region beyond Malaysia and Indonesia. Any desirous scholar might visit this whole region and could himself find the facts about the claim being made here. Even Ramzaan or Ramdaan the auspicious festival of the followers of Islam holds this open secret for us to understand the name and fame of Lord Ram. Again as here it is said that the meaning of Ram is height suggested by the scholars; then too i would say that the height that is the zenith of Lord Ram’s universality was such that the followers of Islam could not resist themselves from using this celebrated word Ram in the sense whatever they liked.
Secondly, i again contend on the particular word Ram. No doubt without pointing out the chronology of origin of religions i claim that nobody would come forward to contest the fact that it was Hinduism which prevailed in these regions and even beyond prior to the dawn of all religions in and around this region. Lord Ram reverberated in all these regions alongwith lord Shiva. Origin of Muslim religion was purely a reactionary one. It rose in sharp contrast to Hinduism is the fact beyond any debate. But, if somebody debates, he/she is most welcome. Though, Christianity existed for long 5 centuries before the dawn of Islam but friction between these two religions started with the rise of Islam. As a matter of fact, with the rise of Islam the friction between Hinduism and the Islam was much more intensive and bloody. History is the great witness to this cruel-fact.
So, if we rise above religious prejudices of our own, we will see that how effective and influential was Lord Ram on this good earth having far-flung areas under its socio-religious impression deep into the psychology of the people of different civilisations. Same is the case with Ram Mandir at pious city of Ayodhya. Babur knew well that it was Ram who prevailed in the hearts and minds of the people and in order to master the Hindus it was necessary for him to win Hindus morally as well. One can defeat another morally only when the former wins psychologically and emotionally. Babur was not only a brave fighter and strategist but he was a skilled politician of his times. People of Bharat must understand that social, economic and political problems will exist forever in all ages and eras but Ram Mandir construction is the matter which is exclusively above any religion, caste, land-dispute and even the constitution itself. Ram Mandir issue is a historic-issue not a political one. It can be resolved through the mathematics of history which is above all kinds of emotions. The need of the hour is to correct the distorted history. History was distorted by the Islamic invaders who were hell-bent upon converting Bharat into an Islamic state by razing temple complexes of great fame to the ground and erecting and raising there own mosques and tombs on the ruins to erase the religious identity of Hindus. This was done against the Christinaty too but prior to the Hinduism and sometimes simultanesouly in the history itself. History can not be ignored at the cost of superficial peace.
                                                                                                                                                 -जय भारत

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