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Convent school’s unjustified mindset is grave and universal problem of Bharat

convent jesus and mary school dehradun


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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

So continues the blatant-dictatorship of so called public schools unabated. Latest instance in the series of substantial evidences percolates down from an eminent public school perched in the heart of Dehradun. Prestigious convent and Jesus Mary by the side of parade- ground ventures to join the list of such public schools which have thrown the healthy norms and parameters to winds otherwise inevitably required to impart qualitative education to the students. Main contention out of “host of handicaps” happens to be overall lacklustre attitude of teachers and the principal towards routine class-oriented input and output. The worst sufferers are the students who are usually at average and below this benchmark. Amid this unfortunate scenario generated by the school relieving of the students of standard 12 at the earliest from around 1 November adds fuel to already flaming fire. Shockingly, parents condemning the school for not completing the course by the date mentioned here. Contrary to it, fee for the whole calendar year is duly secured by the school but responsibilities are delt with casual attitude.
The school which is duly affiliated to “the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination”, New Delhi (ISC) earns repute for its national and international presence. Despite this, it witnesses sharp decline in its alround essence. With final examination traditionally scheduled sometimes in February-March it is really ridiculous to sending students off the school in the name of their self-preparations for sound results. It simply speaks volumes of dictatorial mindsets of the school-system. We call these schools public but de- facto these are exclusively private schools having absolutely no constructive interference of parents concerned for the maximum betterment of the wards. In other words, anarchy prevails in these so called public schools under the sweet-garb of ostentatious formalities of these schools regarding a range of subjects from the quantity of fee to quality of education and discipline.
The core-issue among such debatable issues which hits across my mind while talking to furiously upset parents is this that where does our government stand in this whole turmoiled scenario. It is for sure we live in a democracy but it is more about a reality that we need students-friendly education which ought to foster environment based on scientific-temperament and booster of morale. frankly speaking, the whole education system in our country is corruption-ridden where inefficient-teachers and incapable principals prevail upon everything which might be sober and upto mark.
Roots of education primarily upto standard 12 are getting rotten day by day. Strong evidence to sustain the claim is exodus of affluent students to foreign destinations for their so called further education. Beyond 12 the ground situation is no better than this one. Government stands mute in fear of losing votes; which is just shame on us all. It thinks if it resorts to muscle-flexing to put the things right then big chunk of vote will slide away. But, gentlemen, it is the height that we realize the rottening process set in. Our children are our future and nothing matters more then our children. Our children are under intensive-tention owing to burdensome education supplemented by inefficient teachers and their gross dishonesty, inflicted upon the students. Union Education minister must put its head together with all provincial ministers to overhaul the education system which needs radical as well as progressive steps and thus creating energetic and scientific-environment in the country from the grassroot. In ancient Bharat we were number one in the world in education and today we stand somewhere near the bottom, just think why?

                                                                                                                         -जय भारत

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