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Operation Smile A Golden Ray Of Hope

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Top cops of Uttarakhand 
have devised a mechanism 
popularly known as operation Smile 
which sounds soothing and does miracles 
uniting lost children with their clueless parents aggrieved and aghast
ushering in an era of happy family ties 
thus wiping out the warm and silent tears 
rolling down the cheeks of unfortunately parted dears.
It is not just about the unification of parted ones 
it is a great humanitarian task in itself 
upheld by the Police of Uttarakhand 
dismantling and disconnecting the vicious chains 
usually raising antisocial elements of future 
in one way or the other otherwise 
nipping probable future criminals in the bud 
and socializing the deviated innocents 
who could become role-model one day 
just like DGP Anil Raturi and ADG Ashok Kumar 
in Khaki or in the military attire or else.
Save daughter educate daughter 
bears deep and brilliant emotions enhancing the dignity of the country as a whole 
So is the “operation smile” Sober and farsighted a vision 
with which the Uttarakhand police is going ahead successfully 
hail DGP Anil Raturi 
hail ADG Ashok kumar and others
perhaps, police will have a facelift in UK 
inculcating the spirit of honesty and integrity 
winning the hearts of “operation smile” beneficiaries and all
let us all put our “heart and soul” in an ideal-endeavour of the police
to lit the hearts of miserably disappointed and hopeless.

                                                                                        Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                        Chief Editor

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