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national commission for women’s findings are a raging slap on the cheeks of the government.

national commission


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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

corrupt government-system breeds corrupt NGO’s

Constitution of Bharat is packed with lofty ideals and sound goals but it appears as if it is a deserted island surrounded by wild and turmoiled waters of modern day Bharat. If we look at the “whole-integration” of social-web with all sincerity then we could realise the alround anarchy in turbulent state of flux. Actually, with all truthfulness one can say that our constitution might be in place mechanically but absolutely or mostly devoid of its spirit in practical sense of the term. Instead of eradicating casteism, communalism, anti-nationalism in various forms, corruption, atrocities on women and children, exploitation of the poor, it looks in a state of utter-helplessness by itself thus breeding these evils indirectly, at least.
Our political-fabric as a whole is such that almost entire five years segment is liberally spent on multiple elections on different levels. Somekind of necessary evilsome disturbance thus keeps rotating around and the most important cause of social-justice fades away from the vision of those who are responsible to cultivate and re-store it. May be the fact otherwise is this that the vision of social-justice is not even on the outskirts of the so called vision of our captains. Social justice is the medium and goal both. Social justice does not mean job-reservation and all that alone. It is an all pervading issue universal in theme. Rise in women related crimes is the biggest manifestation of the failure of our governments. It is flately wrong notion that sharp rise in crimes on women is the ineffectiveness of policing-system. No, it is weakness of the goverments or we can say that lack of will-power and vision of the governements.
Governments can not be absolved of crimes on women, children and the destitutes. A sincere government can not tolerate corrupt police-system and an-insincere government can not have honest police system. Honest political executives can never tolerate injustice in any sphere of life and dishonest and selfish political executives can not create and proliferate justice in the social fabric. Honest judiciary can make a difference but alas! our judicary too stands infected by universalization of corruption. Then, where is the tail of the rope from where a fresh beginning can be made for the fresh hope. Lust for power is the mother of all evils. All political parties are madly after the political power. It is political power around which everything revolves alike planets and satellites.
Focussing on organised crimes on women-destitutes for now then to say that our state-machinery has failed disgustingly. Fresh instance pertaining to the probe conducted by Rekha sharma chief of the National commission for women (NCW) is an evidence to justify the claim that state has failed to fulfil the aspirations of the constitution for which it came into being. Probe was conducted by the forum in the provinces of W. Bengal, Karnataka, Ram-Krishna pradesh (Uttar-pradesh) and Odisha at random-basis where out of 26 “short stay shelters” for sexually victimized, destitutes and mentally upset women, 25 were found grossly violating the set-norms laid down for their care and betterment. These shelter-homes are central government funded and run by the NGO’s. Probe team is said to have found women in these homes in the worst-possible conditions beyond description. No skill development, no cure and no governance at all. In fact, this is exactly what i term here as “organised crime” on women that too on those who are already the worst sufferers class of rare destitute women in our country. Most probably these “short stay shelters” were started by the Modi government in 2015 for skill development of miserably destitute women and eventually making them self-reliant. But, corruption has undone everything.
A popular proverb goes likes this, “As the king so are the subjects”. Its true in Hindi we say, “यथा राजा तथा प्रजा” So, there is very little left to be spoken about the affairs of the governments in our country. Governments are corrupt. Government machinery is corrupt hence so called “non government organisations” are almost all corrupt. NGO’s were introduced to ensure alround development of the society against the menace of red-tapism but fact is this that barring a few, all the NGO’s have embraced the cult of government machinery. They do not want to fight ferocious crocodiles in the muddy-corrupt waters where, they have to survive themselves. Rather, most of NGO’s in our country have become smarter than the system under political executives. One is dal-dal then another is pat-pat i.e.तू डाल-डाल मैं पात-पात। सोचिये क्या होगा देश का। बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ पर बेटी को दुर्दशा से हरगिज न बचाओ। क्या यही है संदेश। तो ठीक है। करते रहो देश का बंटाधार। कृपया, मेरा भारत महान के नारे को तो मिटा दो क्योंकि यह नारा घावों पर नमक और मिर्च दोनों छिड़कने का काम कर रहा है। All this is not negativity “dear and near” readers but realism which haunts the country madly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Jai Bharat

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