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meenakshi lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi A Jewel Of The Parliament And Pride Of Delhi

meenakshi lekhi

सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

Meenakshi Lekhi

Santosh Yadav from Joniawas Village in Haryana
set an unparalleled world record
as the youngest woman
for scaling up to the roof of the world
not once but twice super-heroically
thus securing a unique place
for herself and Bharat indeed astonishingly
brightening up the annals of mountaineering
exhibiting her marvellous feat and unbelievable endurance
another dispassionate woman from close by territory of Delhi
steadily and silently rising up the horizon of socio-politics
with inbuilt agility for dynamic contribution to volatile-ever socio-political matrix.
Unmatched jurist of tomorrow
dynamic journalist of today
what i might call you O lady parliamentarian, commanding versatile-genius
spontaneously beaming with pride of accomplishing several uphill tasks
wide ranging from pro-children to women-welfare and many national causes
embracing all time complex problems facing the country with firm determination to solve
Suggest your mettle of the highest womanhood beyond doubt.
Devi Santosh Scaled Mt. Everest twice against all extreme odds
Devi Meenakshi Lekhi seems scaling political-peaks one by one
our great motherland is in severe want for dauntless-daughters like you
who vigorously fight for children, women, weaker-sections and even larger issues like environment
having armed with iron-will and fiery-zeal to take the country to its zenith
Prime Minister Modi the “patriotic political monk” ought to be at the helm for fairly long
our sacred motherland has suffered for “long-centuries” gone is my unforgettable melancholic song.

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