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ram ji

Lord Ram’s Temple Need of The Hour

ram ji

We ought to reduce ourselves to ashes
to merge with the feet of Lord Ram
each one of us has to become Hanuman
to uphold the sanctity of Lord Ram
world must know our identity
Lord Ram’s spiritual strength and divinity.
All great God’s of different religions
enjoy our faith and supreme reverence
but Lord Ram is the first and foremost of all
is no more a matter of debate and doubt.
Then there is Lord Krishna
to whom the entire world Kneels
nearly five thousand years ago
he made the world bow down to him
taught to be truthful and justice loving.
O ignorant world
please come to terms
realise the immense significance of Lord Ram
enthuse the Muslims with some sense
let them out of Mughal era
convince them to be factual and sensible
Bharat is the land of Lord Buddha and Mahavira
but five hundred long torturous tolerance must come to an end
and magnificent temple at Ayodha ought to be raised up
for Bharat’s lost glory to be restored for the peace of the world at large.

                                                                             Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                 Chief Editor

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