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Indian National Congress The Great Sinner

Congress PARTY

You disobeyed shamefully to Mahatma Gandhi
not changing the name of the party
which was an umbrella political forum
under which entire country fought
the war for independence.
This was your historic sin number one
when you plunged the dagger of betrayal
deep into the soul of Bapu
thus killing him emotionallly at once
after getting independence distastefully.
Your second sin survives in Kashmir
when you awarded them article 370
along with the separate flag
don’t drag the constitution here
stop misusing and misinterpreting it
to appease Muslims of the country.
Third sin of your came
when you under the leadership of late Rajiv Gandhi
amended/enacted the law be littling the Supreme Court
undermining its very wisdom
to declare ‘triple-talaq’ illegal and immoral.
shockingly fourth Sin came from you
which was in fact even more fatal
than Babur’s barbaric act of pulling down
the Ram- temple and Aurangzeb’s fanaticism
to Islamise the Bharat in one way or the other
it was your legal statement in the Supreme court
declaring lord Ram a fiction unequivocally.
Latest in the series is
a separate flag for Karnataka
fragmentation of Lingayats
to garner votes to rule the State.
Yor are the habitual Sinner
the old grandmother of corruption and distortion of Social fabric
I dare to call you the traitor
use your might to crush me
as you have crushed the soul of Bharat
on occasions infinite.

                                                        Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                           Chief Editor

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