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chandigarh lawyers

Full Stop After Kathua,Jammu

chandigarh lawyers

Rape Spree on women and children
must stop after kathua in jammu and kashmir
the convicted must be hanged together
without any distinction of age and rage
scratch off the masks of baseless human rights
come to terms be practical and sensitive enough
enact laws to hange the rapers to death at the square
come on set up separate courts
to take rape cases to conclusive ends within tight time framework
take the rapers to gallows
to instill fears in the hearts of sinners
save the dignity of womanhood
put full stop on sexual crimes.
Someone who does or tries to do rape
must be considered the adult perfect
must be declared deadly criminal after the trial
don’t save rapers in the garb of age and so called humanity be civilized-enough
and hange them to death in broad day light
esatblishing rule of law and universal natural-right of the womanhood.
                                                                                        Virendra Dev Gaur
                                                                                         Chief Editor

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