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mamta ji

BJP Must Stop Islamisation of Mother India With All Its Might

mamta ji

The case of Kashmir
handled by accidental Hindu Pt. Nehru is gripped by
the infection of Jihadi-deadly virus is quite apparent.
Now, it seems to be the turn of West Bengal
where owing to the great contribution of leftists
the grand old congress yet agian besides the new political star
Mamta Banarjee whom I would rather call in pratical sense
Maulvi Mamta Allergy the province is heading towards
another Kashmir where Hindus will be in minority within one or two decades
most likely the Hindus will suffer alike Kashmiri Pandits
in similar unfortunate fashion can not be denied.
Frankly speaking to BJP in order to save the province
from going into the jihadi hands
your coming into power in west Bengal is the primary need
it is you who can stop silent invasion of Bangladesh
in the form of illegal migration and infiltration into the province.
Besides, Assam is also a soft target
for Islamic elements to infect it silently
so multi-pronged Jihad is actively at work to Islamise Bharat
all parties except you are either unmindful of it
or they ignore it deliberately for the vote politics and selfish motives.

                                                                            Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                             Chief Editor

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