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Gandhi vs Ambedkar

Gandhi’s Hey! Ram and Dr. Ambedkar’s Hey! Buddha

Gandhi vs Ambedkar


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सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

Stop abusing Manusmriti for your blind ignorance

My fellow countrymen stop cursing Manu-smriti as you people have already heaped too much of baseless and prejudiced scathing criticism to the scale of a huge mountain for your utterly selfish motives. Anyone since the days of Dr. Ambedkar who spewed venom on manu had have not come with sound-evidences to condemn Manusmriti logically. Latest candidate in the long queue is a lady parliamentarian from Ram Krishna Pradesh (Up) who dramatically resigned from BJP for allegedly anti-dalit mindset. She unequivocally dubbed BJP as Manuvadi(Pro-manu) usually in the manner Mayawati does every now and then. Mayawati’s political mentor Kanshi Ram did the same and in the name of awareness poisoned the minds of the people of his social-rung as much as he could and great journalist-communtiy would call him the master of social-engineering. Anyway, going way back to Dr. Ambedkar who on December 25, 1927 threw a copy of Maunsmriti in a bonfire and celebrated his Holi in his usual wild-manner tossing the fact that it was the mother of casteism in Bharat. Similarly, he once renounced Hinduism and embraced Buddhism unmindful of the fact that Buddhism was only a branch of Hinduism which sprang up in order to boycott the ills of Hinduism. No doubt, Buddhism and Jainism are the two streams of Hinduism in strict sense of the term. Dr. Ambedkar believed in violent ways to abuse Hinduism to justify his notion of caste based atrocities on the people of the lowest rung.
Gandhi was the person who never liked Ambedkar’s violent ways to condemn the caste-ridden society. Gandhi believed in bringing about social changes through gradual awareness without disturbing social fabric to any unforeseen anarchy. Both were distinguished social reformers but their formulae stood poles apart. Gandhi ji is ever relevant be it today, tomorrow or the past. Ambedkar wanted eye for an eye while Gandhi rejected violence in its all possible forms. That is why Gandhi remains the tallest personality of the era of freedom struggle. Dr Ambedkar’s name can generate votes for you otherwise but it is really the most unfortunate aspect of our polity.
Moreover, Gandhi was of the view that Manusmriti was the compound-sum of good and bad. He had opposed Dr. Ambedkar’s overtones on Manusmriti who rejected it outrightly. Even today a great debate is required to weed-out ignorance of abusers of Manusmriti. You can not do it just to fulfil your selfish-interests spreading social ill-will and hide your own inabilities. Most of verses of the Manusmiriti are as praiseworthy as that of any of the four Vedas. They hold the spirit of well-being of all ignoring caste, creed and faith and even physical boundaries. Louis Jacolliot’s translation of the Calcutta version of “Law of Manu” was reviewed by Griedrich Nietzsche as follows, “an incomparably spiritual and superior work” to the Christian Bible. He observed that “ the sun shines on the whole book” and attributed its ethical perspective to “ the noble claims, the philosophers and warriors (who) stand above the mass. Nietzsche does not advocate a caste system, states David conway, but endorses the political exclusion conveyed in the Manu text. Nietzsche considered Manu’s social order as far from perfect, but considers the general idea of a caste system to be natural and right and stated that “caste order, order of rank is just a formula for the supreme law of life itself……………………..”
Dear fellow countrymen we ought to judge the ancient texts in the light of “truth and justice” on the very basis of age when they were written and composed. Go through hundred and hundreds verses of Manusmriti written in sanskrit then only you would realize the greatness of these verses in that particular timeframe for which they were composed. I assure you that dozens and dozens of verses from Manusmriti would elate you altogether for their ever-gracefjul message for the entire world. First study them then you are welcome to abuse Manuvad for its nuisance and anti-humane outcry. Do not follow the blind-path that was undertaken by Dr. Ambedkar. Every good human-being on this earth is deadly opposed to caste-based inequalities and even status-based differences breeding further inequalities in the society. let’s oppose the ideology of neck for neck and an eye for an eye which is being followed by us via constitution itself. If you people are so “ideal-ones” then say with me that you all will oppose from today the continuing reservation policy like a “nuclear chain-reaction” thereby discouraging and destroying the poor from Brahmin and Kshatriya sections of society. Will you do it oh! so called champions of social-justice. You can’t…… could never…..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -जय भारत

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