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Vinoba Bhave india nwn


Vinoba Bhave india nwn

Bhagvad Gita was your soul
Mahatma Gandhi’s dream was your goal
though, people considered you the next Gandhi
Surprisingly, Gandhi visualised in you a greater Mahatma Gandhi.
You cherished an idea of social-equality
you implemented it to eliminate economic disparity
after independence you toured the length and breadth of the country
handed over lands to landless and victims of poverty
donors were landlords and land-rich community
at your call it happened O unbelievable Bhoodan-Devta
Such was your magic and charisma.
Your Bhoodan-movement was first of its kind in the world
Bhagvad Gita was your ultimate source of energy
Mahatma Gandhi loved you as the ablest disciple
Bhoodan Devta you were the saint of the highest order
unbroken fire for Universal peace and prosperity lasted in your heart
Upanishads were your oxygen and your breaths
Vinoba Bhave, by God you were legendary indeed.

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