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Unparalleled world-friendly warrior-monks from past and present


O my brethren from the world over
listen a song from the heart of hearts
through centuries gone and centuries to come
humming are the words in the air sweetly spelt all over.
Around seven thousand years ago or even before
descended upon the earth lord Ram the greatest soul
blessed the earth with socio-cultural pious seeds
sacrificing his generations and himself socialising the world with morals and ethics.
Followed by lord Krishna
who led the contemporary world
on the path of greed-less karma (duty) and the truth
refreshed the world with soothing light of harmony and equality
just alike lord Ram and gifted ‘Gita’
the sacred code of civilized life itself to the world.
Seventeenth century witnessed yet again
an unbelievable incarnation of the great soul
upon the sacred land of Bharat (India)
blending amazingly unmatched strength of sword
with lord Buddha-Mahavir as non-violent ascetic souls
sacrificing four noble and ultra brave sons
including entire family gracefully
fiercely combating Islamic barbaric-bigot violent force
Guru Gobind Singh is the name of this far-sighted divine source.
Here comes another bonded turmoiled nineteenth century
embracing the souls of Maharishi Dayanand sarswati and swami vivekananda
well versed were the twin-suns in vedas
but, in my view Narendra as Swami vivekananda
Scaled the panoramic heights of the Hindu religion
basically deep rooted in Universal brothhood and peace,
reminding us of lord Ram and lord Krishna altogether-alive
who unfolded veda-vedant in their true spirit
taught us unforgettable lessons of chastity purity Simplicity patriotism and compassion.
Today I see three dynamically radiant souls
swami Ramdev Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath
the three burning spirits bright
with unfading warmth of patriotism and revival of the ancient greatness of Bharat
in the spiritual spirit of Bharat and embodiment of human friendly science and technology.
Awake o lovers and beloved of Bharat
not to allow any of the present day representatives of the exceptional triad
go waste as these three are modern versions
in different attires but same invincible zeal within
of above mentioned the greatest of the world forever
in order to take emerging Bharat to the supreme summit
where awaits us alarmingly restless Bharta Mata(mother India)
to bless us touching our victorious foreheads with her eternal sublime lips.
So let us trample on the poisonously ugly hood
being so frequently raised by the serpent of
caste, creed, sect, region and a blood thirsty religion
blatantly under the garb of social justice
for the harmoniously united peaceful Bharat
Seeking the world thriving in affectionate co-existence and healthy mother earth.

                                                                                                Virendra Dev Gaur



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