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Invasion of caste-phantom On The Supreme Court


Once more caste-phantom is out
to devastation of social harmony
in the name of social justice so desperately
people of Bharat that is India
must understand the rise of lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira
who reasonably warned us to be fair in caste based matrix
for betterment of all in justified manner
but we dared not drop evil customs and traditions out
resulting in Islamic Conquest of Bharat in following centuries
and further poisoning the caste-based equations
and even further stagnation in this caste ridden Bharat
atrocities of any kind on any caste is totally unacceptable
but one sided dictatorial laws in th garb of social justice is equally condemnable
as you can not make policemen above law
to deal with the criminals in the name of rule of law
so you can not keep the controversial SC/ST act this much stringent
violating the natural law of justice equating abuser to jihadi terrorists
rather it is black law and the contention upheld by the suprme court
in its remarkable judgement is praiseworthy and quite civil
but vote politics is out to upset this constitutional and historic ruling
Shame on us Shame on us we want Ravana Raj instead.

                                                                                     Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                          Chief Editor

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