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Rohingyas Please Excuse Us

Rohingyas Please Excuse Us


O World community
Mind your own self,
since time immemorial
Bharat Mata sheltered numerous
refugees with open heart,
But Alas!
Bharat mata bleeds
Profusely bleeds for;
treacherous misdeeds of these numerous
Who have had been sheltered,
So please
Rohingyas you go back
or go elsewhere.
Now you see
We have been bitterly failed
in rehabilitating back
the Kashmiri Pandits lacs in lacs,
who happen to be domestic refugees.
o world community
Don’t preach us
You never Shed even a single tear
for these heart broken original Kashmiries
So Shut up you so called liberals and humane dear.                            ——-virendra dev gaur——-

                                                                                                                 ( chief editor)

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