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safe tree in world

Mahatma Gandhi from East Mahatma Barbe Baker from West

Mother day especial-for the sake of the earth-mother of all

safe tree in world

World remembers a single Mahatma Gandhi from Bharat(India)
who embraced as you know the religion of non-violence
in the backdrop of lofty and mighty Hindu philosophy of Bharat
non-violence and universal brotherhood at its core
the omnipotent weapon for everlasting peace in the world never before.
St. Barbe Baker from Hampshire England
no way shorter than Mahatma Gandhi’s own universal dreamland
Baker responsible for planting billions of saplings in the world
meaningfully dreamt of transforming sizzling sahara desert into huge soothing forestdom
through the massive campaign of his dream international-army to contain mother earth’s syndrome.
By regreening mother earth the supreme apparent goddess of us all
barbe aspired to save charming daughters and grand daughters of mother earth
traditionally called streams, brooks and rivers, carriers of sweet nectar through them
critically ailing lungs he had foreseen to be revived by world-wide plantation drive
indeed he is Mahatma Gandhi like omnipresent godly figure
who condemned intensifying eruption of violence against innocent trees the birds’s beehive.
Listen United Nations Organisation the apex representative body of the world
yours is the noblest task among all
but you are shockingly unaware of this all
regreen the earth regreen its heart having a “distinct organ” promoting afforestation
slow down the earth on its course slipping into trauma
gear the humanity back at once speeding towards suicidal coma.
First world war soldier a youthful Barbe Baker
later a professional conservator of forests and eventually the greatest pro-tree warrior ever
not only championed the cause of revival of forests but planted numerous trees too
educated the obstinate and ignorant world about the tree cover infact being the very Skin of mother earth
“time is running out fast” ,time and again had stressed the tree-saviour.
In his marathon and tireless life-long expeditions
he paid five visits to Bharat (India) thoughtfully
Inter-acted and Shared his omni-important far-sighted vision with-some leading personalities intimately
Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Pt Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sunder Lal Bahuguna the renowned enviromentalist
once having-been physically pathetic and morally broken as a young world-war soldier
Rabindra Nath Tagore’s fresh poem recharged him with amazing vision and invincible vigour
the poem he kept underneath his pillow until he breathed last
yet noteworthy he had accompanied Sundar lal bahuguna to village Adwani in tehri Garhwal
echoing and emphasizing the prime “universal cause” save trees from rampant felling through ongoing “chipko movement” then.
Fiercely dreaded giant notoriously known as “global warming” is on its march destruction
desperately aiming to crack our mother earth like a wallnut in its jaws
shoulder to shoulder with “green house effect” overpowering environment nourishing gases
St. Barbe Baker restlessly stares us down from the heaven in fading hope
whereas his “ruling” that a country with meagre forest reserves indeed is poor-one reverberates in the atmosphere
let’s boldly face and resolve the greatest ever man-made disaster for the survival of our mother earth.

                                                                                                                                                         Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                                                                                                         Chief Editor (NWN) 


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