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ONGC Hospital Dehradun

ONGC hospital of the capital itself on ventilator

ONGC Hospital Dehradun

सावित्री पुत्र वीर झुग्गीवाला द्वारा रचित- 
Virendra Dev Gaur Chief Editor (NWN)

With each passing day
You deteriorate bit by bit
your soul is lost
there is nothing left to boast.
Your hospitality is in the cold storage
Your speciality is at crossroads
your hierarchy from the top to bottom
miserably inefficient and rotten
I offer you a candid suggestion
remove the words declaring “emergency-ward”
as infact you have just become
the first-aid agency
Stop cheating innocent patients
beware of extreme double-standards and bygone essence.
I have observed you
dozens and dozens times
you are plagued with dishonesty and indirect-crimes
you rely heavily on contractuals
at no level there is dedication and professional rhymes.
Barring one or two or three
you have been chronically infected by the virus of idleness
traumatising is it to see you in just a skeleton
without any flesh and blood
competing neck to neck with Doon Hospital and the Coronation
wholly immersed in hypocrisy and violently disgraceful designs.

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