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Islamic State

Jihad the Unholy War of ISIS Against Non-Islam

Islamic State

Oh world
my dear world
you say it will take thirty five years
and so to reach the approaching meteorite
the earth’s atmosphere to crash the surface somewhere
and exploding into infinitely huge amount of heat and temperature beyond any scale.
Thereby destroying the earth irrepairably
But my dear world
Islamic State is all set to destroy the humanity
with its Jihadi barbaric-bigot enormous meteoritic bombs by
even much earlier than thirty five years and so.
Please don’t be childish
behave like civilized grown ups
and uproot Jihadi-poison from the hearts
of those who are holding pitch black flag high 
against the entire humanity
so get united fast
alarming bells are ringing deafening high.

                                                                       Virendra Dev Gaur


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