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modi virendra trump

Global Temperature of Bigotic Islam on Rise ,Save the world

modi virendra trump

Listen my beloved countries
from the bottom of my heart
your deadly weapons fuelled with your ego can make disappear
the physical existence of humans
with flora and fauna altogether in fact
listen my beloved countries
demonish and devilish and expansionist hearted Islam
is all set to destroy floral colours of the world
simply it restlessly tends to ruin cultural shades and fabrics.
awake my beloved countries
Radical Islam is today hell-bent to murder
the soul of lord ram here in Bharat
next it will kill the souls of the christianity with
others one by one in the typical destructive fashion
of the bloodiest ISIS.
listen my beloved countries
waste not even a single second
Get united to face and fail the onslaught.
Listen my beloved countries
please save the soul of the mother earth
Two ultra rogue neighbouring states of Bharat
with the soul of a terrorist dictator each
forming axis of epicentre of the imminent earthquake
might shake and shatter growing democracies in Asia and the world
though, Bharat traditionally a peaceful Soul
the sacred land of lord Ram and lord Buddha
brave enough to encounter them as usual
but for the sake of the world at large
listen my beloved countries do listen
be bold and truthful so unitedly
please, act now decisively.

                                                             Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                            Chief Editor (NWN)

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