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English Medium Schools Of Hindi Heartland Be Sensible


Most of you robust -businessmen run your schools either in the name of
popular saints of Europe and America or great personalities
from the Indian history or from elsewhere
you stand rooted in the Indian soil proudly
but you hardly spare any chance to humiliate Hindi in the most barbaric manner.
O so called civilized and learned class
taking advantage of weak political leadership you have gone mad
immediately stop slapping punishments on students
for uttering Hindi words in the schools
you are not doing the same for speaking english
while it is Hindi period
it speaks volumes about your distorted and dirty
mindset against my Bharat Mata.
I warn you to be sensible onwards
you can not compromise with the integrity of my country in this way
anywhere in Bharat mind it
roll back your dirty policy
which reminds us-
” Indians and dogs are not allowed” regarding colonial hotels
i think you people ought to understand the rest
you are just dishonouring mother India for long now
come down from the wild peaks of overbearing attitude
and be good Bharat-Vasi.

                                                             Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                Chief Editor


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