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Our Teachers Have Become Expert Terrorists


Promising young girl dancer of standard nine
Hanged herself in her study room in Noida
she was sexually harassed ill -treated and mentally tortured
neither she is first nor she is last
to succumb to self-murder
owing to two prime reasons rather shocking
but usual in independent India for now
where education is in concurrent list of our constitution.
The first prime reason being
torturous, boring, totally unsystematic,burdensome
and talent spoiling education;
Secondly dishonest unskilled luxury-seeking
teachers eloquent enough to appease their corrupt masters
to stay in the job somehow
not interested in sharing burden of troubled students at all.
Staff of these so called public Schools
have become No less than terrorists
our political bosses remain deaf and dumb
leaving engine of entire education in wreeks and without any direction
our young generation needs thoroughly overhaul
to eliminate these “torture-houses”
with burden free “ skill and character” building education.
O my political bosses
come out of deep-sleep and narrow-notions
take our future out of these slaughter-houses
where breeds gross exploitation of innocent parents
alongwith their children who are in doldrums
growing with distorted minds and fractured convictions.

                                                         Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                            Chief Editor

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