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SCHOOL: Six Cruel Hours Of Our Students Life


S-stands for ‘six’
C-stands for ‘cruel’
H-stands for ‘hours’
O-stands for ‘of’
O-stands for ‘our’
L-stands for ‘life’
Altogether School stands for
six cruel hours of our life.
My great country Bharat
the biggest challange at the moment
comes not from Dragonistan or Jihadistan
or from leftists or naxalists or caste ridden Bharat
but from our burdensome and tension-oriented
School education augmented by dishonest and incapable teacherdom.
Please o my countrymen
whomsoever are you at the helm of education system
understand above mentioned extreme mental agony
the students are undergoing for years now
don’t dis-regard pathetic condition in which
our whole “nersury of children” stands stagnated
this nightmare does not belong to the Students of Dehradun only
but it has become universal deadly disease in Bharat
Please be civilized and be farsighted and be fast to overhaul it.

                                                                 Virendra Dev Gaur

                                                                     Chief Editor

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